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Seattle Genetics for the Best ADCs Solutions Led by Clay Siegal

The Seattle-based biotechnology company, Seattle Genetics, headquartered in Bothell, Washington moves a notch higher towards solving the cancer menace. Specializing in the production and disbursement of antibody-drug conjugates Seattle Genetics employs pioneering scientific research to provide therapies based on the monoclonal antibody. The company is actively involved in the genetics field and has marketed some […]

Neo-Nazis, right wing pundits attack George Soros on Wikileak revelations

George Soros has faced a fresh wave of anti-Semitic attacks on social media based on fresh Wikileaks revelations regarding the Soros Foundations, and the leaks are believed to originate with the Russian government. Some right-wingers accused Soros of being involved in a Jewish conspiracy while another commentator said that he was seeking to undermine Israel. […]

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